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Hello and Welcome to The CrowdFunding Ninja….

My name is Ryan West a.k.a The CrowdFunding Ninja





There is one thing that every one of the top CrowdFunding platforms agree on and that is social media promotion is the key to running a successful campaign.

Also there is one thing that anyone that has run a campaign and succeeded is that it is a ton of work. Daily work, answering questions, looking at analytics, making changes to help conversion, and of course PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE!

Kickstarter themselves say that 75% of your traffic and backers will come from outside of the actual Kickstarter site. That means that you will never reach your funding goal without some sort of outside promotion. A lot of people have the resources and the time to do this, but for those of you that don’t I provide a service that is unlike the others. I am a top seller on Fiverr and dozens of other promotion sites. I have been doing this for websites, and companies since before there was a Kickstarter and I can promote anything. I have helped thousands of clients reach their funding goals and I can help you too!

As a CrowdFunding Ninja I know all the best ways to promote your project. I have used these same techniques to successfully get my own projects funded and I have been able to help thousands more through my promotional services.

Over the past years while I have run my own CrowdFunding campaigns and helped my friends I have cultivated the top business and CrowdFunding groups on Facebook. I currently have over 2K unique groups ranging in categories from business, technology, film, indie-films, publishing,  arts, comics, cooking, chefs, cars, photography, parenting, pets and so much more. I will promote your project in the groups that fit your project best.

My social media accounts are extremely important to me, I never spam or abuse any groups. I do all posting by hand to guarantee deliverability to all members of the groups and to give my clients the highest conversion and views. Doing posting by hand in top relevant groups takes a lot of time. Having me handle your social media promotion not only helps you get tremendous exposure but it also gives you the time needed to focus on the other aspects of your project.

I can get your project incredible exposure to millions of people on Facebook and Twitter. Similar promotion services using google PPC or Facebook ads cost in the thousands for the same impressions and views so my service is an incredible value.

Recently an independent website named my Twitter feed in the top ten of the top influential Twitter Feeds in CrowdFunding.



The groups range from 2K all the way to 80K members so  you can get your project in front of millions people today!!

With every order I provide screenshots of the posts. I do not use any software, all posts are done by hand no bots, 100% safe. I follow all of the promotion guidelines of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Facebook.

I look forward to earning your business for social media promotion. Please take a minute to check out my successfully funded projects and the reviews from my clients below.

 I know what works and needs to be done to successfully promote a CrowdFunding campaign. Unlike so many of the other promotional services I have actually gotten my own projects and hundreds of others FUNDED!!!


Share your project 50 times a day in relevant groups with a minimum of 2K members each getting you in front of 100K people minimum each day.

Each day of the week I promote in different groups giving you maximum exposure over the week and a total of over 1K unique Facebook shares for your project.

Share daily to my 100K+ influential people on Twitter and use hashtags to get even more exposure to your project.

Absolutely no automatic software or bots. I treat every project like it is my own and I will do everything I can to ensure quality promotion.

Daily screenshots of the posts so you can ensure the quality of the posts and see the thousands of people they are going out to.

Choose your package below to get your promotion started.

Promotion is done
Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm PST


I will contact you within 24 hrs to start your promotion.

Social media promotion throughout your campaign is crucial to success, below are my extended promotion packages.


These are just a small sampling of the thousands of projects I have had the honor to be a part of. I look forward to adding your project to my successfully funded projects.

“Congratulations to Shark Wheel. For there recent feature on Shark Tank!! I am so proud to have been a part of there wonderful campaign.” Ryan West

 “The most comprehensive and effective social media promotion available.”

“Ryan’s promotion for technology projects is the best, he has thousands of relevant groups.”

 “I am very happy with the Ninja’s service, he went above and beyond what I requested. I highly recommend using the Ninja for promoting your crowdfunding campaign!”

“Social media promotion is so important to reaching your funding goals and no one does it better then the Ninja”

“Outstanding customer service and unmatched Facebook promotion, I recommend this service to anyone running a CrowdFunding project” Jason Maniella – Boozestones Founder

“The CrowdFunding Ninja brought in a $100,000 dollar backer to help my family with our medical bills on our GoFundMe campaign. Thank you Ryan West” Brian Davies

“Thank you so much for all you did to help. It was great! Wow! You really went above and beyond and we are thankful. We will most certainly use your service again soon. Sincerely” Daniel

“Great service and Ryan communicated throughout the campaign with daily updates.”


Indiegogo, and Kickstarter are very competitive sites, running a successful campaign requires a lot more than shares, a few contributions and a few comments. When it comes to crowdfunding there is no Success flip switch, you have to work hard on your campaign every day, by sharing it, attracting contributors, visitors, external links, blog mentions, media mentions, etc.

Every project is different and unique and for that reason, there is not a standard response or number of donations from the promotion. I can not guarantee a certain number of backers or results, but I do guarantee a top quality promotion giving you more posts and more exposure then any competitor. I can only drive people to your campaign or project once there your project is responsible for the conversion and getting people to actually contribute. 

My service is intended to help your team with the repetitive and time consuming tasks of promoting your campaign and help you boost your project ranking. For the extended promotion packages including blog exposure I can not guarantee that bloggers will write about your project I do guarantee that I will get your project out and in front of the top bloggers for your industry.

There are so many factors involved in the success of a crowdfunding campaign and every campaign is unique, therefore I cannot predict, nor guarantee the outcome of any campaign. I will guarantee that I will do everything I can to promote your project and get it in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Some packages have a traffic guarantee but no other guarantee or refund will be given after the promotion has started. For the packages that include a guarantee, you must allow the full promotion period to complete to qualify for the guarantee. I can only get people to your page. Once they are there it is your responsibility to make them believe in you and your project and become a backer. I will help with suggestions, tips, and tricks though when I can.

Thank you,
The CrowdFunding Ninja